“I’m an author. I’ve published books. I’m also a lawyer, because I practice law and that’s still my primary profession to this day. It’s been my primary profession for the last 16 years. […]

I am a content creator. I create content.
I’m not a teacher. I don’t have a single degree or even certification that qualifies me in any way whatsoever to teach you anything. I’m not even qualified to teach you how to tie your shoes, let alone the meaning of life or how to save your soul.
I don’t lead. I’m not part of nor do I steer any sort of movement. I’m not motivated by a grand mission to get everyone on some agenda.
I’m not a master of anything. (Although technically I could try to call myself a Certified Tarot Master except… well. That gives people the giggles more than it impresses anybody. Sigh.)”
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