I am the inner, gnostic spark hidden
in the human heart.
A propagator of mysticism and Magic.
I don’t tie myself down to one doctrine
or enlightened path but openly welcome
all that is otherworldly.

My life’s motto is:
“Lumen Eorum Qui In Tenebris Sunt!”
and it means:
“We are Light for those who are in Darkness!”

William Blake (Illustrations to Milton’s “Paradise Lost” The Thomas Set (Composed 1807))

Interview with Lady Amaranth, London 2018:


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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m looking for my HEKATE necklace I bought from you
    Tracking says it’s delivered but I don’t have it.
    Please help

  2. Mr.Steigner,
    Great and amazing wonders in your review of published author review on your YouTube. I humbly ask you review the book authored below.

    In this timeless book, Galactic Soul History of the Universe presents 34 first-hand accounts of clients and their inspiring Soul Journeys throughout Creation. These remarkable past-life regression sessions were facilitated using the groundbreaking Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) Hypnosis Healing technique. Through A.U.R.A., we explore in-depth the experiences of our past, future and current lives meant for our highest healing under the guidance of our Higher Selves. Through these Higher Self aspects, we learn the enlightening truth of our Earth’s History and our Universe. Activating memories within us that lay dormant to be awakened once more for our highest path of individual and collective Ascension. In these Soul Journeys, we will journey through soul remembrance of the Inverted A.I. Matrix, learning to weave through it so that we may graduate and begin operating instead in our organic timelines. Bridging forth the possibility of a fruitful Ascension into the Fifth Dimension or higher.


  3. I highly recommend you contact the author as the book is groundbreaking information accounts from people who “REMEMBER” who they are and what missions to accomplish. A real head turner of events and sets the mind to what truly is happening in the unseen yet very real phenomena in our life.

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