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One thought on ““The Death of Spirit & Soul” – The Letter to the Conscious Ones. To the rest of World: Open your eyes or you will eternally d..

  1. When you sent me the Angel cards, which I love. Birth Angel- Nanael, Heart Angel-Sealiah, Intellect-Elemiah.
    You also sent me the Emerald Tablet by Hermes prayer..
    The Sigllium Dei Ameth, and two seals of Solomon #2 and # 4. I want to thank you and to say your choices are prophetic.
    My spiritual path has include a Fourth way school and initiation, but at this time I’m only guided by Beings of light. The reason your choices are particularly useful
    I have been praying for the resources to move to California which I hope would be more conducive to the great work.
    And iam in need of protection as my spiritual work has attracted a dark force. However this particular sad sick soul has been a teacher who pushed me into owning my own power and light.
    And Hermes, Mercury, has come up recently in my dreams and meditation.
    Thank you for your work and your gifts.
    God Bless,

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